Staking Your Claim In One Of The Fastest Growing Industries

So you’ve left your job to create a life of freedom for yourself right!

You're maybe an online entrepreneur, service professional, coach or consultant, already established in business and you are ROCKSTAR at working 1:1 with amazing clients…

BUT you are now in one of two places: 

Position 1:

YOU are EXHAUSTED! Working with TOO many clients, never enough hours in the day and you just can’t see a way forward to increase your income or have the free time you truly desire.

Position 2:

YOU are having to take a DROP in INCOME to give yourself a break, to free up some time and you just CAN’T FACE taking on any more 1:1 clients, being stuck the same cycle.

And you probably ALREADY KNOW you need to create an online training course, but just don’t know where to start.

I mean, the online training industry is growing rapidly and is currently in the region of $107 Billion Dollars already (Source:

You KNOW that creating a successful online course is the KEY to leveraging your time, impacting more people and scaling your profitability.

  • INSTANTLY RAISE YOUR PROFILE & AUTHORITY in your market place, opening up opportunities for speaking gigs, book deals and other revenue streams in your business that you may not have thought about.
  • INCREASE CASHFLOW and reliability of income. Having an online course means you can virtually “predict income” coming in based on the marketing you do – If you have the right systems in place.
  • COMMAND HIGHER RATES – The perception of you and your expertise in the market place will change, allowing you to command higher fees for your personalised time... and get it!
  • CONTINUAL FLOW OF CLIENTS – Once someone buys from you they are more than 30-60% more likely to buy from you again, so having your online course(s) can provide you with a stream on continual clients to work with.

A course is so much more than just the “income” you produce when you sell it, it’s about being an integral part of your business and creates a “flow” within your business of clients, credibility and cashflow.

  • WAKING UP TO INCOME from sales coming in whilst you were sleeping!
  • ATTRACTING YOUR DREAM CLIENTS on a continual basis, no more hunting them down!
  • Being able to spend more time TRAVELLING THE WORLD or spending MORE TIME WITH YOUR FAMILY

I know it sounds like a DREAM but it can be REALITY too, not just a FAIRY TALE.

Well I’m Kylie, your Cashflow Queen & Lifestyle Biz Strategist,

I remember the first time I woke up to sales, I couldn’t believe it, I had been sleeping and yet the “internet” and my online marketing was working 24/7. I was so excited, but more excited because I knew that if I could do it once, I could do it again and again..

So after successfully creating a 5 figure cashflow with someone else’s products and leaving my 9-5 job.

I started helping other women JUST LIKE YOU – take the BRILLIANCE inside them and turn it into CASHFLOW, TIME & FREEDOM


  • MINDSET & BELIEF – Firstly they feel they don’t have enough knowledge/expertise to create the course and secondly that there are so many other courses doing what they do, how will they stand out. But what they don’t realise is that’s a good thing. Competition means demand and the simple way to stand out is to be YOU, use your story and experiences throughout your program to make it unique. No two people teach the same thing the same way.
  • PROCRASTINATION – Normally around perfectionism and not having clarity on what to sell. I like to call it the “kitchen sink” scenario where quite often people get stuck wanting to create this massive, be all and end all programs that includes everything they’ve ever learnt. But the key is to plan your course so it solves a specific key problem for your ideal audience. My simple A-B method will help get your ideas out of your head, into a simple format to start creating your course now.
  • TECHNOLOGY – So many out there don’t know what to use or how to get started. Don’t panic!! Technology has come a long way now and therefore doesn’t have to be complex or scary. I’ve used and tested several technology methods and can advise you the easiest way to go depending on your existing tech level, investment and know how.

This DRIVES ME CRAZY, because I know that if you just get started, it’ll develop, grow and progress from there.  It doesn’t have to be perfect the first time around but it's about taking the first step…


Courses Made Simple



This isn’t your typical online program that’s going to give you a pile of theory and then leave you wondering what to do next or where to start?  This is an implementation program that will walk you through step by to step to creating your first online course or program.

When you’ve completed this comprehensive program you'll have everything you need to LAUNCH YOUR FIRST COURSE and start to CREATE PASSIVE INCOME including everything you need to:

  • Test your course idea for REAL demand.
  • Design your Lead Magnet to ATTRACT your ideal client.
  • Create your SALES pages for promotion.
  • Craft persuasive CONTENT to display your message perfectly.

So YOU ARE ready to start making income now!

  • Increase the amount of CLIENTS that come to you.
  • Increase your monthly CASHFLOW.
  • Increase your free TIME – stop trading time for money.
  • Increase your CREDIBILITY in your field.
  • Increase your ACTION to grow and EXPAND your business.

Here's what this 8 Week Program includes:


You’ll also get access to:

  • 7 Action Guides to keep you progressing with the creation of your own course and keeping you accountable step by step. All about implementation baby.
  • A resource checklist to allay the “technology” issues and demonstrations videos to show you how to get stuff set up.
  • The Private - Courses Made Simple Facebook Group (a $997/year value) – this is for serious entrepreneurs committed to building their first profitable online course now!

Courses Made Simple Facebook Group - This is a group where you can gain the SUPPORT you need to EVERY past roadblock you have in your course creation. Leverage this group to:

• Gain insight from other successful entrepreneurs

• Troubleshoot any small (big) block you may have

• Share your ideas and get help with decisions (from logos to names to content flow)

• Form valuable friendships and business networks

So what would it be worth to you and your business if…

  • In just 8 weeks from now you have created your first online course, that can be systemised to grow your income and leverage your time.
  • You are generating a continual flow of clients to your high-ticket program that allows you to impact more lives, earn more income, and enjoy more freedom in your life and business.
  • You are becoming known as the expert in your field, opening up an array of other opportunities for your business to continue to grow.

I have been sitting on my ideas for two years, never really having clarity about how to put them into something real. My contact with Kylie came just at the right time because any longer and I think I may have given up. The VIP day has been life changing for me. I spent the whole day with Kylie, we clicked straight away and by the end of it I had absolute clarity. Not only clarity, Kylie gave me a step by step plan for what needed to be done. I would have paid much more to get what I got from Kylie and it would have been worth it. I've seen other programs that cost a lot more and deliver a lot less.

I've decided to opt into Kylie's one to one program because without her I know I won't do what needs to be done, I have absolute faith in what she does. I'm just lucky to have found her. Exciting times ahead.

Anna Zannides

I have followed Kylie for a while and have tuned into her inspirational online shows. She seemed the obvious person to work with when I wanted to launch my own online programme.  I found Kylie to be very thorough, organised and motivational throughout the whole process. She broke down the task into easy manageable steps which made the work less daunting. I felt that she was holding my hand every step of the way and that I was being supported. She is extremely knowledgeable about online marketing and I felt like she really cared that my webinar was a success. It was and it was all because I had such a great guide.  I highly recommend Kylie and I look forward to working again with her on my next project.

Jo Le’Febour - IIN Certified Holistic Health Coach, Sugar Detox Specialist


  • You’ll receive the full Courses Made Simple 7 Step Program – including 7 weekly video modules, resource guides and project plans to create your first profitable online course. Plus have a bonus (week 8) for extra implementation and solving any key problems
  • You’ll also receive - 7 Action Guides to get you started NOW – no point planning it, let’s create it
  • 5 creative ways to “test” it before you create it – Saving you TIME and MONEY
  • A resource guide to get you over the technology hurdles along the way.
  • And of course you’ll be part of a Private Facebook Group to interact, get feedback and provide you with the “kick” you need to get going – holding you accountable
  • Weekly live group calls – to get all questions answered – recorded and available whenever you need them.

Because I'm super excited to welcome you into the first wave of entrepreneurs building their FIRST profitable course, I'm giving you the opportunity to enroll in Courses Made Simple TODAY at the special promo price of just…


$299 $197



I know some of you want to fast track - You are the VIP’S and you want to get the VIP treatment with this program?

For $497, you will get EVERY SINGLE THING listed above (no limits), PLUS the following:

  • A 45 MINUTES laser 1:1 coaching session with me to determine the strategy for your course, getting you AHEAD OF THE GAME.
  • 8 WEEKS PRIVATE 1:1 access to me via FB messenger (during office hours) to ask for feedback, questions, or anything else you need!

VIP is only going to be offered with the first round of launching this new program.  So take advantage now. It WON’T be OFFERED AGAIN.

I’m excited to be able to help you create more CASHFLOW in your biz, BUILD your profile and GENERATE CLIENTS on demand.

Kylie Menz
Driving & Inspiring Your Freedom

Other people's questions that might help you...
before saying "Hell yeah!" to Courses Made Simple.

Of course it would be a benefit to have a list starting CMS however the real key is to create a course that is in Demand, therefore your success won’t hinge just on your list size.  The key is to understand your market, work out what they need (and want) an provide it for them. You can do all of that without a private list.  However of course in CMS you’ll learn powerful list building strategies.

Competition in the market place is great, as it means there is a high demand for what you offer.  Your job is to be unique through being you, understand the gaps in these other courses (maybe what’s good, bad about them) and provide a better service (bit like Branson did with Virgin Airlines).  This way you’ll attract a market that may have tried before and not succeeded, or not even tried because they didn’t relate to the other courses (or person selling them).  Remember people buy from people, so your stories and experiences matter.

Firstly, Courses Made Simple is structured so that it’s self-paced.  You’ll get immediate access to all the modules (even though they are paced out in weekly chunks) so that you can work through at your own pace dependent on your current situation.  However, I’d suggest at least 2-3 hours a week to implement each module and build your course.  Time well spent given the amazing asset you’ll be creating at the end of this program.

Yes you can! Is the simple answer, of course it’s easier if you understand how some of the online technology works, but not essential?  In the CMS we’ll give you different technology paths dependent upon your experience and investment available.